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The Responsible Tourism Week came to an end. It’s nice to see that every year more and more people from all over the world are taking part. As you may know we have been publishing daily digests we the best tweets as well as a special page with the best videos and pictures.

responsible tourism week

This initiative makes clear that such an event can be arranged cheaply and easily bringing together a critical mass of people  in the field of responsible tourism. We too thank every body for their participation!

Last day, there has been time for sharing  a safari in Mossel Bay in South Africa and a mezcal tasting in Oaxaca, Mexico. Ron Mader has been asking the participants to “talk up a tourism business that one respects. Write a review on Trip Advisor, post a positive comment on their Facebook page, add stars to their Flickr photos”. Ron suggested the Flickr groups World Food and World Market for some examples of local and delicious food.

Alex Bainbridge has brought up the topic on Tourism web intermediaries, which, he claims, should be responsible too. His post has risen considerable debate and we recommend to read it very much.

Finally, if you wanna read some “big tweets” here is where.

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