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The tranquillity of a natural setting, the intimacy of a small town and the close proximity to the capital of the Basque Country all combine to make the Agroturismo Arkaia, a part of Responsible Hoteles, a magnificent destination for some time. The delicious Basque cuisine and cultural offerings available to visitors make this a point of rest and total disconnection. Arroyo Angeles explained the ins and outs of his unique destination.















  • Nestled in the countryside of the Basque Country, what are some of the features of Agroturismo Arkaia

Agroturismo Arkaia is the result of a thorough and painstaking restoration of a nineteenth century, original building, which has preserved the traditional architecture, leaving a full rental cottage for up to 9 people (plus 2 extra beds). It is a comfortable and modern accommodation that is fully accessible, i.e. no barriers. Additionally, we are very committed to sustainable and environmentally friendly practices.

  • What are some of the natural features of your location?

It is located in a small village of only 90 inhabitants named Arkaia, situated in a tranquil rural setting, just 5 miles from the historic centre of the capital of the Basque Country, Vitoria-Gasteiz, in the Camino de Santiago, a few metres from the greenway railroad Basque-Navarre and the Salburua wetlands (the green ring of Vitoria- Gasteiz). Our accommodation has an enviable location, located less than 100 km from Bilbao, San Sebastian, Pamplona, Logrono, Rioja and Alava, the French Basque Country.













  •  So, the accommodation is environmentally friendly? What are the most curious measures taken to meet this goal?

A respect for the environment, along with tourism and our commitment to the social integration of the companies and associations that help form our DNA, form the basis of our dedication to society and define our policy responsibility, or CSR.

From the beginning of the restoration effort, issues were addressed to ensure energy savings and the reduction of our ecological footprint. These included the use of natural materials (stone and wood, often reused from the original building), the installation of high quality insulation to reduce energy costs, thermostatic taps, under floor heating, a biomass boiler and much more, all in support of our philosophy.

As far as day-to-day management is concerned, we’ve included waste separation and recycling, green cleaning products, green advertising and stationary, a booklet of best practices for our clients, an organic garden for general consumption, the use of ash from the biomass boiler to fertilise our gardens, waster composting, bike rentals and information on public transport options to Vitoria-Gasteiz.












  • Besides taking advantage of the tranquillity of the place, what kind of activities can be enjoyed on the property?

There are many nature-related activities that can be enjoyed there. One, for example, is hiking and biking through rural roads, on the Basque-Navarre rail greenway. Tourists can also watch the birds in the wetlands of Salburna and enjoy this environment. Of course it is very interesting to visit Vitoria-Gasteiz, designated the “Green Capital” in 2012. Besides this, visitors can sample the famous cheese tastings and txakoli .

  •  Why should a tourist should not miss this place? What are the main reasons to visit?

You can enjoy the tranquillity of the rural environment and direct contact with the surrounding nature without sacrificing the cultural and entertainment highlights offered by the capital of Vitoria-Gasteiz and other nearby cities.

The property represents an alternative form of tourism with cosy, quality facilities that contribute both to the preservation of the environment and collaboration with social projects.

  •  The Basque country is known for fine dining – what is the typical local cuisine? Can a guest request something special?

Interestingly enough, the closer bars and restaurants are to the environment, the easier it is to enjoy delicious tapas and fancy cuisine. At Agroturismo Arkaia, Hazi has collaborated with the Basque Government as a part of an initiative to raise awareness of local products and the Quality Label. As a result, guests can have access to high quality food, local and organic producers (Wines of Rioja Alava, Txakoli­ of Araba/Álava, cider, cheese with a Idiazabal DO, homemade sausages, alavesas pinto beans and other legumes, canned vegetables with the Basque Quality Label, green chips, or chocolate truffles, etc.).















If you are planning a getaway, Agroturismo Arkaia could be an excellent choice for relaxation and the enjoyment of some fine food. The location offers a smart combination of the natural and the cultural, all while respecting the environment and erasing any barriers that could pose problems to visitors. Agroturismo Arkaia is a prime location in the heart of the Basque Country.

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