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Transparency is going to be the key factor on future travellers decisions. Opaque organizations are not going to be able to compete in credibility with those which share more information about their activities. This is especially relevant in tourism.

Travelling experiences are increasingly having an impact on the environment. By environment we mean the natural surroundings, but also the culture, society and economy of a destination. That is why tourism should take care of all these dimensions if it aims to be really responsible.

“Ecological Intelligence: How Knowing the Hidden Impacts of What We Buy Can Change Everything”

Tourism needs a new focus, not only on guest satisfaction, but also on local impact of travelling, which have been for long ignored. However, for present-day and tomorrow customers, there is a real need of knowing much more about what they buy, what is behind. This trend is clear in all kind of products, from cars to food.

Hotels have a very important role in the travel process and its contribution to make tourism more sustainable is key. Accordingly to that, Responsible Hotels provides not just guest reviews but useful information on hotel energy efficiency, authenticity and performance on CSR.

A high score on authenticity means that a hotel offers information on local leisure, supports local culture promotion and includes local dishes on its gastronomic offer. A responsible hotel is the one which partner with local suppliers and collaborates with social and/or environmental projects. This is how a Responsible Hotels system evaluates and ranks worldwide hotels. In this way consumers are allowed to take into account much more than the price when choosing a hotel.

GoodGuide.com is a good provider of information that is normally not available

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