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Back to the roots. That is the key to success according to this returning trend.

These are the four rising lessons:
Lesson number one:

Quality: Keep giving good service in confortable facilities will always be the first step. It is too obvious, but in a low-cost service, returning to quality is your differential factor.
Lesson number two:

Defend your brand by not letting your product to be invaded by intermediaries which cripple your trademark. A space in which your hotel represents who you are, your authentic way of managing your affairs.
Lesson number three:

Don’t lose control over your finances. Don’t let banks or other shareholders make your business decisions. It’s more sensiblle to think long-term and remain calm about every day ups and downs.
Lesson number four:

Outsourcing: only in routines processes. In other words, put non-essential functions into other capable hands. That would allow you to be more competitive. The key to guest satisfaction should always be in your hands.
Lesson five:

Be loyal to your customers values. In responsiblehotels.travel we have selected hotels whose values are to preserve the environment, promote local cultures and behave responsibly in other areas.

Back to the roots. That is the key to success according to this returning trend.

Jose Luque

Jose Luque

 José es Consejero de Grupo El Fuerte y ha estado al frente de la Dirección General de la compañía desde 1999. Se trata de grupo hotelero, de capital cien por cien andaluz y con mas de 50 años de experiencia en el sector. Es el precursor de este proyecto. La pasión por la naturaleza y el senderismo que heredó de su padre, y su carácter innovador le ha puesto al frente de esta desafiante iniciativa. Leer más de este autor

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