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Hotel Duque de Nájera, Rota

Hotel Duque de Nájera, Rota

At the foot of the Bay of Cadiz, the Duque de Nájera Hotel sits in a privileged natural setting next to the beach in Rota. This hotel forms part of the foundation of the Responsible Hotelseffort through its strong commitment to environmental stewardship, offering guests a one-of-a-kind experience.

For that reason, we wanted to speak with the hotel’s environmental coordinator, Maria José Merino, to give us a first-person account of how responsible measures are carried out.

-While working with the Duque de Nájera Hotel, you have developed a number of initiatives that have supported water-saving efforts, the containment of water pollution and an overall respect for the natural environment. What environmental measures would you like to highlight?  

As we are very concerned about the eco-environment and energy savings, we have worked to allow our guests to have the opportunity to contribute to our efforts and goals of the hotel. An example of this is how we deal with changing sheets. Through the use of coloured cards, guests can signal whether they prefer a change of linen or they want a change. The same system is used for towels.  

By doing this, we save both water and energy. Also, we encourage the separation  of waster through the use of coloured rubbish bags. Our housekeeper can then take them to specified recycling carts, allowing us to not only rely on larger hotel waste for recycling opportunities. These are just a few of the many activities that contribute to our establishment’s commitment to change.  

Emilia Lafuente (TUI), Auxiliadora Bernal (Subdirectora del Hotel Duque de Nájera), Cornelius Hoetzl (TUI), Juan Sañudo y María José Merino Rodríguez.

Emilia Lafuente (TUI), Auxiliadora Bernal (Subdirectora del Hotel Duque de Nájera), Cornelius Hoetzl (TUI), Juan Sañudo y María José Merino Rodríguez.

-What activities are planned for customers regarding contact with the environment and nature? 

 The activities organised by our hotel are mostly focused on allowing the most contact possible with the natural environment. Although, given our location in the middle of town, we also like to offer cultural routes as well, with an emphasis on sustainable transport options.  

We organise cycling trips to nearby natural settings, including the Celestino Mutis park where guests can admire natural wildlife as well as get up close and personal with the local chameleon. Rota is one of the few area where guests can view this animal in its natural environment. 

-Does the Hotel Duque de Nájera Hotel offer activities dedicated to younger guests? 

 Although our activities are designed for all ages, it is true that many of our illustrations are aimed at explaining environmental awareness for the younger among us, working with their natural curiosities.  

Another effort implemented by the hotel is an organic garden where we are able to show children the native flora and how we are able to raise common crops. Many of these young guests have never left the big city and are astonished to see vegetable like potatoes and carrots growing out of the ground. It is a very enriching experience for us.   

- What are the advantages of developing this policy environmental? 

Apart from the satisfaction that comes from contributing to the care of the natural environment, our ability to provide and implement these responsible measure for our local surroundings helps us achieve a pride in our work and the quality service we provide, as well as the appreciation of our guests.  

Solar panels

Solar panels

-How does the hotel work to include fair trade and local suppliers?  

There are a number of benefits to working with fair trade products and local suppliers. A part of helping our young entrepreneurs in the area is working with local providers who allow us to buy fresh products in manageable amounts, helping us purchase only what we would consume. At the Duque de Nájera Hotel, most of our employees are from Rota so it helps improve our relationship with the local community to do this, creating a more positive working environment, which is something we pass on to our guests.   

-The Cadiz coastline is an ideal place for the development of renewable energy. Do you use it at your hotel?  

We have long relied on renewable options for energy savings, including the installation of solar panels to provide hot water. Now, we have a system that includes photovoltaic panels for electricity and are always on the look out for new initiatives and ideas that will help create energy savings.  

In addition to saving water and energy saving efforts or those that help increase contact with the local environment, the Duque de Nájera Hotel is always looking for news about sustainability in an ongoing effort to provide the perfect destination for tourists demanding a responsible holiday option.

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