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More and more tourists are becoming more eco-concious when choosing how to spend their holidays, including how they choose a more responsible hotel. Throughout history, tourism has caused irreparable damage to the environment thanks to massive hotel complexes, the enrichment of multinationals, the indiscriminate consumption of energy during the high season and pushing excess CO2 in the atmosphere.

However, there are alternatives that encourage solidarity and ecological care, all without losing a bit of charm. Indeed, its quite the opposite case. That is why Responsible Hotels want to present just one of the experiences of someone who has chosen to explore this new sustainable model.

Cristina Luque is a young nature lover who opted for a responsible hotel on her last vacation.  This time around, her destination was Ecuador where she spent some unforgettable days in direct contact with the local, natural environment. Her first stop was one of the most characteristic ecosystems in the country: the rainforest. The Bellavista Ecolodge is located in the middle of this landscape, situated in harmony with its environment and is self-sustaining because all necessary energy is produced by renewable energy options.

 ”I was pleasantly surprised by the architecture of this lodge because I found natural elements that were not in it. The wood, bamboo and straw helped shape this beautiful place,” said Cristina.

The ecolodge’s history proves to be equally interesting. Several decades ago, the preservation of this area became especially important as soil cultivation threatened the entire area. In the 1990s, a British couple purchased about 700 acres in an effort to recover the essence of the rainforest and for ten years they let the vegetation and wildlife run its natural course. Thus was born this estate, which is also home to research and environmental conservation efforts.

“The lodge organised hiking and bird watching. It was exciting to see the enormous reserves of  hummingbirds in their natural environment,” said our ecotourist.

After spending a few days enjoying this corner of Ecuador, Cristina decided to head to the beach area and likewise chose for the occasion a responsible hotel. Hosteria Mandala is located in Puerto Lopez and has, among other delights, a botanical garden and an area of musical instruments from around the world.

“I liked the humpback whale sightings and the social consciousness of the hotel as it holds an initiative which employs a local staff and contributes to the conservation science project,” says Christina, adding that the hotel’s “whale and dolphin museum brings you closer to these species with a very interesting addition of CDs with songs of these animals. “

The decoration of this lodge is made by local artists from vegetable and marine elements, offering a glimpse of the purest traditional crafts.

“Responsible hotels offer a bonus for you when choosing a place to stay. They allow you to zoom in on an area, offering empowerment and respect, all while contributing to its conservation without having a negative impact at the same time,” concluded our ecotourist – “I was happy to have had the experience.”

Responsible Hotels recommends this increasingly popular holiday choice among more discerning tourists, offering exciting experiences while respecting the environment around us.

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